Father Ducky and The Bible


There’s a priest nicknamed Ducky,
Who one day told me to open a bible.
I did so in front of him. And he read the bible and told
Me to take that as a premonition,
Of how my luck will turnout in life.
Now I don’t read the bible anymore,
A book belonging to Christianity,
A black cover that reminds you
That it is preserving the word of God,
That force, who made Adam and Eve,
And made a mockery of modesty,
And I’m far from the bible ways now,
Using contraceptives, being excessive with food,
Not attending mass on Sundays,
And when I see that book on my occasional
Visit to church, I ponder, what God has planned next for me.
I will never open blindly a page in the bible,
It has no clairvoyance to give me,
And still I trust how fate is run on the God engine.
Father Ducky will always give me that memory,
Of the bible, what didn’t give me direction,
But I suppose, would have saved millions,
The ducks they are, and the water, sin is.