A wedding dress she puts on, And walks in front of a full length mirror, Dreaming of her big day, When rice grains are thrown over her head. A woman who pours herself A mimosa, orange juice and champagne. And after 6 cocktails, she looks up, And sees how beautiful she is now, A bride … Continue reading Mimosa

Father Ducky and The Bible

There’s a priest nicknamed Ducky, Who one day told me to open a bible. I did so in front of him. And he read the bible and told Me to take that as a premonition, Of how my luck will turnout in life. Now I don’t read the bible anymore, A book belonging to Christianity, … Continue reading Father Ducky and The Bible


A post-coital dilemma, Is you, missing something, The unassailable beauty, Sold by the romance industry, Those sold at counters all over the world. How love sometimes is, Unquantifiable and unequaled And yet sometimes, As blue as a blueberry. Tristesse is a moonless night, Clouded by your fanatical need To picture the naked moon, As cloud … Continue reading Post-Coital