Ode to My Father, The Yeti


Snow capped mountains, tree line
Hiding creature of myth.

There’s always those big steps of a Yeti,
The shoes in size 14s, of my dad to fill,

The abominable snowman,
Is just that wonderful man I see everyday,

Who spent 22 years with the United Nations,
Whose shoes walked the long mile,

At the bureau. The charity he knew,
In administration, monitoring and evaluation.

The tall furry creature you try,
To spot on trails of indomitable mountains,

And Matterhorn sitting pretty in the snow,
My dream to work for a UN agency,

Searching for Whymper badly.
My dad, the mountaineer,

Who showed me how to get to the top,
And still feel like you’re at the bottom.

That cardinal gift he gave me,
How to dream of big shoe sizes,

And yet stay small in mind,
In those beautiful colors of humility.

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