Reindeer Games (apathy of the times)

Apathy becomes the winter chill People listening to the commentary Of the goings on, the slaps of Big Brother, A testimony of the times. There are drones and satellites, thermal maps And functional magnetic resonance imaging, The hearts are like frozen freezers, And eyes painted in icicles, And one woman, she goes to the doctor, … Continue reading Reindeer Games (apathy of the times)

The Body

Body, is our only weapon In love, and sometimes in war. A child looks out of a window, Shopping for new a pastime, To transcend boredom. A woman Says give me a clarinet and I will blow. Man hears and sees, something Completely different. And the challenge for us all is, How we become sated … Continue reading The Body

Ode to My Father, The Yeti

Snow capped mountains, tree line Hiding creature of myth. There‚Äôs always those big steps of a Yeti, The shoes in size 14s, of my dad to fill, The abominable snowman, Is just that wonderful man I see everyday, Who spent 22 years with the United Nations, Whose shoes walked the long mile, At the bureau. … Continue reading Ode to My Father, The Yeti