Toblerone Spring

Toblerone 2

Here the hot wave blitzes,
That you put the beer to the freezer,

For a cold rush. You dream
Of those bare Birch meadows,

Snowmen with carrot stick noses
And postmen wearing khaki overalls

Delivering mail from the winter wonderland
To a scorching hot Sri Lanka.

You look at a postcard from Switzerland
Mount Matterhorn on the back,

And all you can think of are,
Those Toblerone bars, the jagged edge

Like a serrated knife, that you pinch,
Savoring every melted indulgence

Of little chocolates mountains,
And you take piece by piece,

Saliva like glaciers streaming out,
Taste encroaching softly,

Winter, for a fledgling diabetic,
Is a long and dire interval, a hibernation,

As your barmy sweet tooth awaits patiently,
For the advent of chocolate spring