Beta Male

I’m just a beta male, far from an alpha,
A submissive type who like to be,
Taken advantage of. The type for, feminists,
And those women who love to wear the pants at home.
I have a bison type chest that is broad
Near the shoulders and vertically, I climb to a strapping height.
I’m like a dummy, who is learning
That love is rarely 50-50. It is sometimes 70-30.
So how do you solve the problem, of a man,
Who loves to be submissive? Easy, let him be beta. 
A subby type that loves to, put his tongue out,
Like at the alter of a church, to caress the host,
Although in this case it is unfurled out,
To taste a flower’s stigma and style.
And kneeling down I do, in proposal
Or proposition, as I look at her generous thighs
Separated like a long stretched elastic sling,
A “V”, that channel, you can drown yourself in. 
I love being a doormat to any woman,
The type on which, any woman, can wipe or even rub,
Over and over,
Her dirty little clit.