Adam and Eve

adam and eve
Eve stood near and raised her hand,
And plucked the apple, almost in temptation,
With a flash of curiosity, and she gave one to Adam,
As they both tasted the forbidden fruit.
What stood at the edge of a branch,
And descended down, to be hand-picked.
And on this day, modesty came alive,
How Adam and Eve became conscious of their nakedness,
Erecting walls with garments, the freedom to be
In the stitch of skin, now strategically covered,
As they became prisoners of fig leaves. What stood covering,
The very location, they felt a little tingle,
A little blood flow, a need more than a want,
And finally when they met at the equator,
It was sweaty, musky and crude,
The tropics were lusty, as a gale gathered force,
And connecting each others plumbing, was as easy
As tasting the forbidden fruit.
It was simply, reach, pluck, and taste, again and again,
And God didn’t punish them for that,
Only giving them the supreme power,
To become a force together,
A whole universe inside of them called DNA,
That genetic atlas, that made them mules,
Of their own uniqueness. And just like God the sculptor,
DNA too, sculpted nose, eyes and mouth
And there was nothing DNA could not do,
As the body became a kiln, the fetus
Inside, slowly given form, what had no Godly signature,
Only Adam’s and Eve’s, leaping out of a little canal,
To embrace the freedom, of a sovereign heartbeat.
Knowing there was a mightier force,
Than God, that God had gifted to mankind,
The DNA inside Adam and Eve,
To mastermind the origin of a species.

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