Beta Male

I’m just a beta male, far from an alpha, A submissive type who like to be,   Taken advantage of. The type for, feminists, And those women who love to wear the pants at home.   I have a bison type chest that is broad Near the shoulders and vertically, I climb to a strapping … Continue reading Beta Male

Taj Mahal

  That little boy with an arrow, Sharper than William Tell,   Who takes apples of the ogling eye, Making them simple stooges.   How arrows find their woundless targets, The sharp aim, the impeccable accuracy,   The way, a winged child, makes Adults fall to a monument,   That treasures the present, and even … Continue reading Taj Mahal

Self-Portrait at 41

Fat and tall, fat more than tall, Elephantine in some ways,   How I hear the conscience louder than ever, And the needs diminishing slowly.    Like how my wife is not the vixen in bed anymore, Only a sandbag on days, while a sand castle on others,   I’m like a book with discolored … Continue reading Self-Portrait at 41

Adam and Eve

## Eve stood near and raised her hand, And plucked the apple, almost in temptation, With a flash of curiosity, and she gave one to Adam, As they both tasted the forbidden fruit. What stood at the edge of a branch, And descended down, to be hand-picked. And on this day, modesty came alive, How … Continue reading Adam and Eve