Little Editions of Happiness


The days are running fast,
Like a sprint, or a downhill,
With no way of stopping it what so ever.
You take a plastic plate,
Filled with a burger and a coke,
And sit down at a bench in McDonalds,
Knowing that this is just
A few calories, some cholesterol,
And still you’re caught between
Cravings and the health conscious heart.
I wonder which of my arteries
Is now semi-clogged, and squeezing
Blood out slowly, and you look at the meaty burger,
The grease and the cheese,
Knowing that we are all disposable.
Only a tiny artery needs to burst,
To define an ending. Life needs to be lived,
Like every day matters, like every passing day,
Is a chance to be foolish, a clown, whose happy face,
Is not about the paint, but the endorphins,
Like every meal is at McDonalds,
The bites super-sizing an emotion.
Happiness is to be found in
All the small things, a bite, a locket,
A little death, and a mosquito-size feeling,
On your lips, that strangely
Keeps on buzzing,
Long after the kiss is over.

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