Jesus Christ – Lizard?

Jesus Christ Lizard

They say Jesus knew he would die
Soon, a plan that was meticulously laid,

And implemented with Judas’s kiss,
As I wonder whether Jesus was

A moth to a flame, those moths,
That crash into the burning blue, ablaze.

The largest moth is called the Atlas moth,
Whose big wings are majestic,

Called Atlas, to show how he would carry
The world, in legacy and remembrance,

The staying power of a moth,
Whose flame was just, means to an end.

What no flame can kill, only light up,
To be an endless flare, on billions

Of consciences. Jesus’s life had
4 stages, nativity, at 12 in the synagogue,

Baptized at 30 in the Jordan,
Dying for all at 33, on the Golgotha,

And so a moth came to be immortalized,
The Atlas moth, whose wings,

Stood on the calvary, to transcend the flame.
And there are, today, societies named after Jesus,

Even churches all around, dozens of catholic men,
Letting their good names be called “Hesus”,

And a type of lizard, in the Americas,
Who walks effortlessly on water,

But cannot change it to,
Overflowing wine.

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