Jesus Christ – Lizard?

They say Jesus knew he would die Soon, a plan that was meticulously laid, And implemented with Judas’s kiss, As I wonder whether Jesus was A moth to a flame, those moths, That crash into the burning blue, ablaze. The largest moth is called the Atlas moth, Whose big wings are majestic, Called Atlas, to … Continue reading Jesus Christ – Lizard?

At the Mental Health ward

There are so many sharp-witted Crazy people inside a ward, Some are sedated, some are plain cuckoo, Some are high functioning, Some are drugged by anti-depressants Or anti-psychotics, some are ablaze In mouthing beautifully-crafted foul language. The doctors go one bed to the next Saying to the many Florences, the angels by bedside, What injections … Continue reading At the Mental Health ward

Little Editions of Happiness

The days are running fast, Like a sprint, or a downhill, With no way of stopping it what so ever. You take a plastic plate, Filled with a burger and a coke, And sit down at a bench in McDonalds, Knowing that this is just A few calories, some cholesterol, And still you’re caught between … Continue reading Little Editions of Happiness