The Moon Faithful

Kim Kadaashina

You look at the moon, just another
Selenophile, knowing a history lesson,

That Neil Armstrong, leaped
On the moon, in just one footstep,

That transformed space travel
To a new age of discoveries,

Still Michael Jackson showed us
How to slide backwards,

And still be moon walking,
A dance more popular than

The actual moon landing.
While one Kimberly Diamond,

Made the moon, larger, prettier,
Making grown men, look for the moon

In everyday landscapes, how big
Was a tradeable commodity,

Those sculpted with scant respect
To gravity, held in the horizontal,

And slowly jiggling away in the walk mode,
Giving men those precarious eyes,

That climb out of their sockets,
No longer satellite hunting,

Only orbiting a lass called Kim.
The story of how the moon came to be on earth,

And us men, in space.

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