Bloody Good

Love 4

Why do you say bloody good ? I ponder.
Although giving yourself up
To someone, can be bloody sometimes. 
All those emotions, like goosebumps,
The red blush, the knife through the ribs,
When you were caught in adultery,
Still you can hemorrhage, just for the sake of love,
Like giving blood for a transfusion
To an unknown person. Still how do you
Burst out in goodness? Perhaps,
When you find yourself, knowing, that blood transcends
Everything and still that bloodless coup
Of love, makes everything red in
The absence of blood relations; those goosebumps,
Blush strokes, a broken hymen,
A cut cutting a b’day cake,
All bloody phenomena, all with a good buzz,
When that monument in your heart
Transcends the bloody walls.
And the red sea, was meant to be crossed
To find the promise land, where she lies,
Calling you like Canaan,
Asking you to kill the Moses in you,
And to plunge in faith,
Down that bloodless path between two people,
That straight line called love.