A Thing or Two about Boots

I love a woman in boots, Red boots to be precise. And I wonder if my wife Has ever worn a pair of high heeled crimson boots To a party or a night club, Before she met me. Boots make you, one of the following Personalities; cowgirl, farm girl, Or a lass with a good … Continue reading A Thing or Two about Boots


Everyone begins as a Roman And one day, becomes a Trojan. The day he finds out, he doesn’t need Pity or fame or notoriety or mercy, Survival is a long and grinding odyssey A journey of never giving up, When you become As distant, as nonchalant, as a lotus leaf, No moisture of any kind, … Continue reading Stoic

Bloody Good

Why do you say bloody good ? I ponder. Although giving yourself up To someone, can be bloody sometimes.  All those emotions, like goosebumps, The red blush, the knife through the ribs, When you were caught in adultery, Still you can hemorrhage, just for the sake of love, Like giving blood for a transfusion To … Continue reading Bloody Good

The Moon Faithful

You look at the moon, just another Selenophile, knowing a history lesson, That Neil Armstrong, leaped On the moon, in just one footstep, That transformed space travel To a new age of discoveries, Still Michael Jackson showed us How to slide backwards, And still be moon walking, A dance more popular than The actual moon … Continue reading The Moon Faithful

Getting a Lover and not a Husband through a Personal Ad

The personal ad reads like this; A woman, 35 years, a chimera, Selene, on those days, she decides to flash, Just for the sake of being alive, In Godiva’s exuberance. The sun goddess, when she burns, Everything on her path, especially Men with flakey thin morals, Sometimes, she is like Demeter , Aging slowly, like … Continue reading Getting a Lover and not a Husband through a Personal Ad