The Story of the Green Fluorescent Protein


I look at that day that sunk
My dream, to become an eminent scientist,
Who would discover a bacterium or a plant, 
Which could do wonders,
To help a climate change impacted world.
This was back in 2009, when
I returned to Sri Lanka, to my roots, my birth town
Knowing the best I can be here, is a lecturer
Teaching molecular truths, that are irreplaceable
And are proven miracle makers.
Still you hear the story of the Green Fluorescent Protein;
The man who discovered it looked on,
As three men who took it to where it is right now,
A glamorous place in science, were awarded
The Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
That man – Douglas Prasher – and I, look on
At the giants of science, left behind by the merciless tide
That doesn’t wait for you, or the forceful wind,
That rips your sail, and all you have are the
Rugged floor boards, and the tall mast,
And a flare on top, where St Elmo,
The patron saint of sailors, stocks you with a little hope,
The scanty type, as you journey,
On waters of empiricism, churning experiments,
Searching for minuscule actualities,
That make DNA and proteins, those sexy things,
Worth a tweak, a transition, or sheer expression,
Learning a diabolical truth along the way;
In life – as in science – there are no Toll-free dreams.

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