The Scientist

I tweak the idea, like a washed pair of shorts, And spread it on a line, to dry. And as water drips from the khaki cloth, I look at this world of speeding science, So many beautiful ideas, Tweaked in all sorts of angles, Spread on a line for all to see, The fabric of … Continue reading The Scientist

The Story of the Green Fluorescent Protein

I look at that day that sunk My dream, to become an eminent scientist, Who would discover a bacterium or a plant,  Which could do wonders, To help a climate change impacted world. This was back in 2009, when I returned to Sri Lanka, to my roots, my birth town Knowing the best I can … Continue reading The Story of the Green Fluorescent Protein

When In Spain

Everyone knows bulls have horns, And they don’t like the color red, The matadors in Spain have found Out the hard way, how messy bulls are, Spreading human guts and testicles On the floor of an amphitheater, And there is a little can, that says “Red Bull gives you wings”, Perhaps a little mojo, that … Continue reading When In Spain