How thrifty is cheap, you ponder, and then you realize
That it is the nagging thought in your head,
That always checks on the prices on display,
And goes for the least, you being the cheapskate.

While the rich man, looks out at dawn,
At a day in a spa, or at the plush cake shop,
While the poor man thinks twice,
Before spending his money on a cake of soap

This plastic universe of the rich man,
Will paint flashy horizons, while the poor man
Saves his day with a 1000 rupee note. While realizing that money,
Shoulders happiness and grief in the same way,

With the muscle or frail of worth. While inflation,
Becomes the bogeyman, that dispossesses the poor man,
Leaving him in a dungeon well under the poverty line,
Learning how to do the “limbo” of survival.

And while the rich man, milks everyone
And everything, obese cash cows to his greedy eyes,
The poor man squeezes a toothpaste tube each night,
Knowing how a good set of teeth and a smile,

Become their own windfalls. Those lean times,
That take out your true grit teeth, as you
Live on the periphery, in those fringe times,
When gratuity is in austerity,

As freedom turns to that invisible force,
That customizes your own money trails,
When you become the darling of the invisible hand,
When pull and push are counterforces.

And you learn that zeros at the end are your allies,
And the commas are little pushovers,
Alarmed that the purse will never grow big enough,
To fill the vacancies that keep on opening

Those raging calls from inside, to possess those
Material items, knowing their ill-worth,
The Audi, Cuban cigars, a diamond, expensive lingerie,
And a necklace from the jewelers.

You have become a seasoned shopaholic, both hands full,
Unknowing that it is a long and winding road,
As you keep on searching for the end to all this madness,
To become a window shopper embracing nirvana.

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