On top of Golgotha, In that grotesque skull mountain, was a man, Who rejected divinity and made himself available for a sacrifice.  And in that somber view, you can see two thieves on either side And a man, who could not leave behind a bigger legacy. His bearded 33 year old face, now embellishing millions … Continue reading Stigmata


How thrifty is cheap, you ponder, and then you realize That it is the nagging thought in your head, That always checks on the prices on display, And goes for the least, you being the cheapskate. While the rich man, looks out at dawn, At a day in a spa, or at the plush cake … Continue reading Money


Mother Mary, holding on to her son, Learning that grief is just Love lapsing a life of a loved one,  And that bond between mother and son, It ignites a flammable flame, How grief will burn and subside On the periphery, while love Will remain occupied at the center, How the child will never cease, … Continue reading Pieta