Human Monkeys


What the deadly scorpions sting from,
And the stray dogs wag when sighting some grub,
And which, the peacocks resurrect myth from, 
Those thousands of Argus’s eyes.

From where apes evolved from monkeys,
Who jump from tree to tree. While humans,
They hide their anatomical tail, the sacrum and coccyx,
Well beneath the dorsal spine.

And we spend our summer days, open-eyed, searching
To lengthen our tails, wbich are apparently far more beautifying
Than a peacock, far longer than the arboreal monkeys,
Stinging the jealous eye like a scorpion.

A tail that was not inherited, only acquired,
To give us, that figment of belief, and allowances to gloat.
The “credential tail” that we carry everywhere we go,
To showcase why we are duly designated,

As a member of Homo sapiens,  a species,
Wise enough to be towing his own education – his tail.