New Year – Newer Expectations

How two faced a poet has to be. The poker face of rejection that you Freeze at will, every time you receive A negative from a poetry journal, And that the occasional smile that touches the ears, Which is a bigger and fatter dawn, Erecting a bigger monument, That fills an eternal place. Timelessness on … Continue reading New Year – Newer Expectations

Sweet Poetry

Poems are indulgent. Words come in so many edible formats. Some are like lamb souvlakis,  Makes your tongue roll in recital. Some are like chapatti, flatter Than a pancake, and needs a little Spicy imagination to go down Your throat. Some are like a cob of corn. Always served fresh, for the famished reader. Others … Continue reading Sweet Poetry

Human Monkeys

What the deadly scorpions sting from, And the stray dogs wag when sighting some grub, And which, the peacocks resurrect myth from,  Those thousands of Argus’s eyes. From where apes evolved from monkeys, Who jump from tree to tree. While humans, They hide their anatomical tail, the sacrum and coccyx, Well beneath the dorsal spine. … Continue reading Human Monkeys

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

There are fall-guys, as rare as pearls, When scapegoat, is just a foolish heart, Searching for bravery, to counter a world  That is famished of heroism. Supermen are wanted, The poster-boys playing a different tune, One of unflinching fear, who rally The people to riot against the maleficent, The hurricanes that are brewed, By the … Continue reading Where Have All The Heroes Gone?