Holiday Treats

Christmas Tree

Star gazing eyes, look at the decorations,
Large candy sticks along the road.

And giant baubles almost like disco balls,
Gently shifting to and fro in the mild wind,

Harbingers everywhere, that Christmas
Is near, when you pocket digs deep,

In love and charity, while your heart
Becomes a good chunk of gaiety, in the celebration

Of a day, when an infant was born,
Who would later become a king wearing

A crown of thorns, and we celebrate
This holiday, when red and green

Mark all the usual corners in town,
Pine trees decorated in silver scarves,

As you prosper, ceding your heart
To a cooling month, where the days are short

And you’re loaded on Christmas cake,
When that little bit of brandy, takes you hostage

As everything around you is lit
And beautiful, while you get lost in a sea of lights.

And under a pine tree, you find, tied ribbons
Around wrapped presents, a little part

Of you, sprinkling on the inside, that part
Which is a preservative, and like a salt shaker

Sprinkles a fraction of you, something unseen,
And yet, defines a ray of thought,

That shines on an open face, infused
With a part of you, that jumps out through

Untangled ribbon, and unwrapped paper,
To absolve an open ended emotion

To profit on the priceless.