Day and Night

#### When I hear the rooster Go cock-a-doodle-do, loud as ever, It convinces me that it is like a trumpet Or a commanding stentorian voice, Leading me to march out of bed. And I do, my eyes looking through The window pane, at the sight Of sun-rays sneaking through Just like themes for a new … Continue reading Day and Night

Holiday Treats

Star gazing eyes, look at the decorations, Large candy sticks along the road. And giant baubles almost like disco balls, Gently shifting to and fro in the mild wind, Harbingers everywhere, that Christmas Is near, when you pocket digs deep, In love and charity, while your heart Becomes a good chunk of gaiety, in the … Continue reading Holiday Treats

In a Plane

I look out, my elbow fishing For a bump, a caress or even a skin teaser On the window aisle Where you have a front row view of heaven You look out, to see, clouds, nimbus and cumulus, A soaring bird perhaps, if you’re on the good side Of the maiden of luck, and lightning … Continue reading In a Plane