There is snow everywhere you look
In the northern hemisphere,

It is the long road to Christmas,
When a fat saint brings in the cheer

And gifts galore. While we look outside
At a white Christmas, snow sculptures

That look ravishing in white,
When our hearts conveniently fall

Carefree, and full of mirth. Snow,
Is the centerpiece of a white winter,

And a harbinger of Christmas,
When heavens open and ice crystals fall

And oblivious to the snowfall
Babies sleep while teddy bears keep vigil

Until Santa comes, with his cotton wool beard
That come off like a tongue to Candy floss,

While Frosty the snowman,
Looks almost unfazed on the snow

Holding on top, a top hat, almost like
A mad hatter who maddens children’s eyes

Crazed by the outright zany, the thrills,
Of making a fat buffoon on snow,

Who with his fixed grin, reminds us of the Cheshire cat,
In this magical winter wonderland.