Searching for the Good Guy

” Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”


There are the barren dreams,
That are empty of the type of ammo,
That you need to break down,
Lucifer’s lairs, those men and women
Who proclaim like the Pharisees,
How good they are, how pristine their hearts are;
The illusions that they feed themselves with.

And in times of greed and profiting
At the other man’s expense, in this famine,
The plunderers will loot the goodness
Sparsely scattered like a starry sky
Each aloof of the other.

And soon, there will be that prophesy,
When camels walk through needles,
While we, with our greed, our obese worldly riches,
Are stuck outside the eye of the needle
Wondering how fat we have become.

And everyone is good, that’s the branding game
When we have halos and angel wings,
And yet, only we can see them with goggles on
And greed, what else but those riches,
That will make us fatter than a Giant Panda,
Eating the culms of honorable men

Who like shoots of bamboo,
Slant across, bowing in sheer humility, who one day,
Will go camel-back through a needle
To reach an oasis, where perfection
Is the only prerogative.

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