Our Daughter


I’m the package,
If I had a six pack and biceps and triceps,
But I’m not, I’m no gym freak
Or someone who wants to be Mr Universe
Or for that matter Mr Sri Lanka.
I’m just a normal guy, who
Only wants my woman to see me,
Through the lens of a fairy tale
I, the prince, and you, who ever
You want to be, Rapunzel, Snow White,
Or even Red Riding Hood,
As long as you want to be saved by me
And I’m no knight in shining armor
Or a freak body builder, or a temperamental hulk
Only a tall guy who has forgotten
A little bit of our romance, mea culpa,
Looking at you, aging before my eyes
When I choose to only see you in your wedding dress,
Like its day number one, and we are
Just as naïve, just as coy, just as curious
And just as nervy, to undress each other,
And begin that ritual that blazed
In some ways and remained aloof of others,
And still I’m the dreamy gardener,
Who looks at your fecund soil,
Wondering how beautiful it would
Be to plant a small seed, to sprout a little “you”;
Your complexion, your button nose,
Your maple eyes, your beautiful smile,
Your perfect chin, and perhaps topped with
A good chunk of my height,
And our collective muse.

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