Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

I remember the first time
I drank a bottle of Mountain Dew.
I was told that it had the most caffeine 
Content of notable fizzy drinks,
But I didn’t care and I went on,
Gulping down the beautiful freshness
Of mountain springs, as the name suggests,
But is only a fizzy beverage that
Leaves an endearing taste
And just a few amperes of electricity.
Now I still have my Mountain Dew
When I’m a little edgy, just by knowing
That there is an extra spoonful of caffeine
In there, as I race inside my mind,
“Would I get a panic attack?”
And I still go on, like I’m immuned
To this threatening white alkaloid,
Submerged in forbearance
Like meditating in a bubble of zen,
Knowing no mountain dew can
Move my man mountain.

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