Christmas 2

Snowy mountain tops
Where abominable snowmen are found,
Searching for some grub, like they would like
To be invited to a Christmas feast.
The timber wolves march on,
In a crowded gang, while two reindeers
Pull a sleigh over a chimney, while the huskies
Bark like mad at the falling snow.

And while this is going on,
Snow falls from the cloud cover,
Almost like coconut white rice grains thrown
Over a newly married couple,
Symbolizing a rare birth to a virgin,
Whose flesh was still as pristine,
Still untouched, as the falling snow.

And just outside the town limits,
Syrian refugees are singing aloud,
Christmas carols, over a campfire,
Remembering the hour Mary nestled Jesus
Inside a little barn in Bethlehem,
Child of god and bride of god,
Bridged in tender breast,
Paving a path for glaciers to advance.