Some Verses On Love

woman 5

The foolish one searches for the high from love
While the romantic, searches for the sheer honesty in love.
While the dreamer listens to dreamy love songs
And watches movies, made of old
Nicholas Sparks books.

While love, the convenient kind,
The type, that exchanges barely-articulated first names,
And stains bed cloths, in cheap motel rooms,
Makes gigolos out of wealthy yuppies,
And sluts from girls-next-door.

While the never-been loved, now a borderline spinster,
Looks through a periscope at the setting sun,
Submerged in an ocean, full of swimmers,
Tormented by a feeling that she is inside a submarine,
Hearing creaking noises of shifting bones
Inside a suit of armor,

Amazed at how much flesh swims around her,
And how easy it is to snare a catch

Holding the angler’s hook.

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