In Memory of Sandy Hook (To The Innocent Lives Lost)

Sandy Hook

Gunshots wounding innocence,
When there is a prize to pay for freedom,

Like a culture splattered by ballistics,
And modern-day cowboys, who kill

Unguarded lives, who play on sandpits
Or go down mat slides, or even fly kites,

The ones who are wronged by the advent of age,
To know there is a merciless world out there

Needing more of the Jesus or Buddha kind,
To cleanse the splintered eye,

And through the never ending barrage of bullets
Uncle Sam, that famed meatpacker from NY,

Sends bodies to other shores, mostly
Down through the molten magma, like that man Adam,

And yet some through bubbly spheres, like those
Who leave little footmarks inside classrooms

As we wrestle with a discernable truth
How paradisiacal not to wade into the great ocean,

Filled with all kinds of sharks, and stay here
In Neverland, when you point your toy guns,

Those devices that mimic a monster,
That shoots down soft targets inside classrooms,

Little angels, who were reading from textbooks
Unaware of how easy it is to evict a soul,

Their souls, that were just buds, unopened
To time, who would have waited for that evasive day,

When they could vote in an election, buy alcohol,
Or stop oneself from buying a gun.

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