Did you ask St Christopher to protect you, As you journeyed far and wide Until you were cured of wanderlust That feeling that you belong wherever The horizon carves with her palms A mine shaft, where you strike gold, Midas’s ore that makes you feel part of the land Like natives for a stay of … Continue reading Wanderlust

In Memory of Sandy Hook (To The Innocent Lives Lost)

Gunshots wounding innocence, When there is a prize to pay for freedom, Like a culture splattered by ballistics, And modern-day cowboys, who kill Unguarded lives, who play on sandpits Or go down mat slides, or even fly kites, The ones who are wronged by the advent of age, To know there is a merciless world … Continue reading In Memory of Sandy Hook (To The Innocent Lives Lost)


What is the price of perfection… Seemingly an impossible ambition. A gun-less society with no more Sandy Hooks Bodies without immune systems In a world of zero infectious diseases Or a world bereft of the guarded Perhaps a communist manifesto Or a capitalist mecca Or maybe in a modern day fairytale Adam saving Steve from … Continue reading Perfection

Sand Castles

There are day reveries and rapid eye motion And there are the dreams that never sleep on you. The type that makes you search, For the idyllic, the standard set by yourself, Reachable by sweat and toil. But what do we do, when the dreams Are too tall, too steep, too costly, To our never-ending … Continue reading Sand Castles