A Monotonous Eve


A cigarette,
That I bought at the supermarket,

Some carrots and potatoes
To make some steamed vegis

And while they steam,
I toy with reveries, of what my life would have been,
If I had stayed on in Australia

The Aussie girl that would sit
On top of me, making sounds in cowgirl tongue,
Which makes me thrilled,
Even from this far away.

And that one cigarette which I finally light up,
Using an old cigarette lighter,

A lighter that spurs on a habit.
Which I duly name as my only source of happiness
In this day of austerity and smother.

A lighter that donates me a light,
A flash of inspiration, like a bout of lightning
Crashing on my senses and I living a little,
In my own meditation

With a practice that threatens my conscience,
Yet relieves my anxiety

The fogs that clear, unlike the cataract eye,
Of its own turbid plumes