In San Diego

woman 5

Here in California, anything can happen,
To just about anyone and all you can do
Is say jeez, and walkaway, that too, only if you want to. 
Meanwhile a muscled Hollywood actor called Arnold,
Who later on became governor of state,
Who with his strong Austrian accent
Says out loud “I’ll Be Back”. While in this melting pot
Accents, they all become fashionable,
The tongues in sheer hypertrophy,
Blazing of a different holy spirit,
That gives you the voice of democracy
To be who you want to be, at any price,
Like the transgendered Mexican woman,
Who looks at a man with a combover on TV,
And shouts at him, yelling that his dreams came true
In this crazy town, San Diego, where,
The borderlands blur, just like
The overlapping ecotones inside of him,
That become hazy, genderless plains,
Where there’s a boat and a pair of oars, to the other shore,
And just like Jesus, the truth lies here in full bloom,
On a now vacant strip of land,
That used to house an orchard,
A woman, now looking at the open road,
Where she can sway her avocado hips
While the heart became a spread, to dip
His dreams, just like the Jordan,
To be baptized “Salma”, to where, it all becomes
like the melted cream of delightful guacamole.
A staple, that is his American Dream.

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