Marital Rape

########## He was like a weaver bird Who built a large palace on the grounds of an arboretum, And a fancier one inside her fallen heart He courted her with riches And embellished her with glitz. Countless facets Would twinkle like a starry constellation On her fingers, the pendant stone was Amethyst, and the hotel … Continue reading Marital Rape

In San Diego

Here in California, anything can happen, To just about anyone and all you can do Is say jeez, and walkaway, that too, only if you want to.  Meanwhile a muscled Hollywood actor called Arnold, Who later on became governor of state, Who with his strong Austrian accent Says out loud “I’ll Be Back”. While in … Continue reading In San Diego

New York

I look at the statue of liberty Doming over New York. While I walk, wondering why my testicles Seem aloof of any feeling, as I walk through Mazes of perpendicular intersections, Sightseeing, learning that paths cross here More often than we ever imagine, And yet we go about our business, Cold shoulders bumping at 90 … Continue reading New York