The Reader


You own two home libraries
One inside your study, the one with encyclopedias
Atlases and dictionaries and a whole
Heap of science books that you used to read
While a student. On the other end of the house
You have another library, just next to a wash bowl,
Where you have old Reader Digests editions
And Time magazines, which are always treats to read
Even when you’re too stuffed with
Fried Rice and some Spicy Chicken Curry.
You have gained in knowledge from both libraries
But what stands out with Library No 2,
Is that, it is the only place, you can beat
The clock fair and square, a heart-clenching story holding
You hostage, and you letting time prostrate
On a lazy Sunday morning, when your wife
Is still sleeping. And now you realize that you were never
Told how potty training long ago, could turn you into
A full-fledged book worm, who is always proud to admit
How he reads from his glorious throne.
A man coroneted by the airy gunfire of colon burps,
While he sits on a throne, abdicating
A lengthy string of muscled poop.