Look at that little star in the sky,
Stellar and flickering,

Just like a hero is, a little more twinkle
A little more substance than the ordinary fellow,

And in this modern day story
Of unsung men and women, who battle

Against the very tide that tries to sink
These knights in shining armor,

While damsels, and old ladies, they scream
From balconies, to be saved by those

Whose underwear color we know so well,
And still make valor, a thing of open show

In the absence of pride or haughtiness.
A soul battling the in-brewed fear

To come out on the other side, in courage,
Knowing, that too little or too late,

Is out of the equation. Have you seen,
A bat screech, making its way using echo location

While in Gotham, the bipedal bat, lurks
Unnoticed as a human, too taken up

By the fights in hand. Batman, is just
A man amplified by courage to take it all up,

To be a pretender, whose pretense
Makes him to be everything he is not,

And still is, the sunken hero that surfaces,
To withstand the turbulent times,

When in fact, the mask becomes in time, skin,
And skin turns to a mask, which on the mirror,

Looks the perfect disguise – the physiognomy
That you wear to become an ordinary man.

Who is unrecognizable to everyone else,
And to a mirror, plagued by a hero visual,

And serenaded by the extraordinary, you find a man,
Whose only notable feat,

Was putting on a transfiguring mask,
To slay the coward within.

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