Braeburn Heart Eat Fruit Red Yellow Apple

Love sponsors little deeds,
Of which a kiss stands right on top,

That emotional feel of succulence,
That like a thornless cactus

Makes you warm and wet at the same time.
And we learn that a kiss stands her ground,

Making inroads on a flesh
That can dance in the name of lust,

When you’re too drunk to understand
That all lips that come your way,

Don’t necessarily carry a license to la la land.
Still we make kisses while the distance is nigh

As we become landing strips
And launching pads, cheering on a democracy

Where all that you do in the name of love,
Makes little curios that stand out,

Making you fall to your most primal self
While making a banquet of your savagery

The truth is, what more can you ask for from democracy
Than love marking her territory

On your mistress’s’ lips.