Two Poems in American Journal of Poetry (Jan 2018)

Two Poems of mine on the theme of the environment and environmental conservation appear in the Jan 2018 edition of American Journal of Poetry. Please take a read, if you like poetry, or if you’re an activist or voice for environmental conservation. Hope 2018 will bring you abundant joy, riches of the heart, and … Continue reading Two Poems in American Journal of Poetry (Jan 2018)

American Woman

She symbolizes all things worth fighting for. A woman whose instinct is to love, the durable way, Searching for her port of calling.  She bares her midriff, inviting navel kisses, And struts her generous thighs, opening doors To her own secret wonderland. She tangos With the wind, holding her poise like A flamingo on one … Continue reading American Woman

Two Poems on Boxing Day

Boxing Day 1 The day you find out, How nagging a full tummy is, Filled with all sorts of Christmas goodies, Meats, puddings and Christmas cake. And your only solace, is your boxer shorts. How freeing it can be, To unbuckle the leather belt And live larger than you normally would, In a pair of … Continue reading Two Poems on Boxing Day

Letter to America

Did you see the towering black man Who carried the infant with the finesse and precision, Of a surgeon’s hands? Did you see the love In his face, beaming like a lighthouse, Calling forth the lost ships, To have faith in him, his shining face, That has only, the charity of a smile, To give … Continue reading Letter to America

The Christmas Table

While the turkey’s breast is carved open To welcome white flesh, we remember, The virgin’s breast that was squeezed open By an infant, where too, it was all white, As white as the snowdrops that sneak out of the snow To mark the beginning of spring. While the cranberry sauce eagerly awaits, Like a harbinger, … Continue reading The Christmas Table

Christmas in Canberra

That tree, from under your bed, Fixed into a spine of pine, that is embellished With glitter and glamour, And on top, you find a tailed star, That holds her place, like the full moon, A compass to the magi, who conquered the dunes, And in this small town, Near the outback, you find, Christmas … Continue reading Christmas in Canberra

Christmas Message

It is Christmas time once again. A time of nativity, humility and gifts. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who would later save us by dying on a cross, showing us how even in birth, God chose humility to symbolize what Jesus would later become, a friend to the fishermen and tax collectors, ordinary … Continue reading Christmas Message

Christmas Gift

The parsimony of gifts, is like The cheapest your gut tells you to go, When in the absence of a queasy feeling,  That nagging crawl of the gut, Telling you that the price is almost right, And still, when you look at the transaction again, There is that glimmering wrong staring at you, Of how … Continue reading Christmas Gift

A Christmas Poem

We live in a world, where shoulders crash To caress safety havens, the quenched Feel of brother or sister, in that moment You feel gravity escaping you. And still, we live for the goodness of others, The Jesus syndrome that you find in rare places Forming local infections, that twinkle Like a star on the … Continue reading A Christmas Poem