woman 5

In a scarlet red dress and on high heels,
Is a woman, a loner, quelled, yet buoyed by love,
Grafting one day at a time, knowing that beneath her navel, 
Lies a shrine that will one day turn to an offering,
Of what it is, to be non-complacent,
And patient like no other, letting
A little enclosure conceal the pearls of all pearls,
In a careless world of empty oysters. And she will one day,
Let a familiar face open the mollusk shells,
Letting a tentacle perforate through,
To capture a beautiful pearl, her offering to him,
That elusive instant when the gatekeeper in her,
Allowed a man into her secret garden
In what it is, to be claimed by another, and still be gifted,
To become accomplice, in the abdication of her innocence
A throne that preserves her inside a costume of skin,
And gives her staying power, till
That day, she is transfigured,
From a place of conviction, to a precious rite,
Of what it is, to let her pearl be vandalized,
In a soul-scripted embodiment of love.

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