Through the towering mountains You hear the glaciers move And the alphorns blowing, While sheep move like there is purpose In their wool-covered bodies. While a St Bernard dog gathers The sheep together to bring Them in for the night. While this little enclave Hosts a summit of global importance Near where the winter Olympics … Continue reading Switzerland

Life As We Know It

The lone dog outside our house Sleeps oblivious to cars driving by And a street lamp, like a tungsten moon, Glows from her vantage point While pedestrians walk by, not knowing What is happening in our home, While my wife and me, seated on a 8 by 7 feet bed, Await, oblivious to passers-by, a … Continue reading Life As We Know It


Torn like a paper with scribblings, I churn on my metabolism to live. Like soccer, I’m a man Juggling a creative game on paper, aiming For Maradona or Messi, but still falling short. And when they actualize, A poem is a soccer ball, life jacket, nebulizer, Parachute, almost anything that will Save me from this … Continue reading Boredom


In a scarlet red dress and on high heels, Is a woman, a loner, quelled, yet buoyed by love, Grafting one day at a time, knowing that beneath her navel,  Lies a shrine that will one day turn to an offering, Of what it is, to be non-complacent, And patient like no other, letting A … Continue reading Virginity

Father and Son

Jesus had a crown of thorns, And he was still God’s son, Played out by God’s own plan. I ponder, why is the bible filled With stories of fathers betraying sons Like Abraham almost did. And that bond, between father and son Is the one that keeps the name going forward And preserves the heir … Continue reading Father and Son

Lady in Red

She was the lady in red, She walked in through the corridor Of sight of every man in the ballroom.  She shook something superficial, With her careless wind and flustered Something deep, like lusty aquifers Springing forth as dewdrops on lip-ends. She was everything – an apple orchard With apples to pick, starry eyes For … Continue reading Lady in Red

Being A Dad

You, who took me for a ride on a reverie. Oh the stork, I wish for, flying Through a mucus plug and an opening, To deliver a bundle, who will be A joy, that is bound to be unheralded. Nativity, is just a little Bethlehem, In a nursing home, waiting impatiently For a moment that … Continue reading Being A Dad

God’s Face

I look at old Renaissance pictures To see god, a white man, with a beard And strong eyes, as I picture how I  Saw God’s face. I saw him like a man, So weary, that his eyes were dropping out of the eye sockets, and the mouth, was whispering Something that we humans didn’t want … Continue reading God’s Face

Learning To Fly

There is no greater joy Than that moment, a fledgling bird’s feet Become adrift of the ground. And learning not to feel anything On your feet, is when, you Find your wingspan and slowly, You gather wingspeed, And together, you become, A specimen of ornithology with a keel, Learning that the azure sky, Has endless … Continue reading Learning To Fly