Regret ponders Like Rodin’s thinker, Holding a weight heavier than of Atlas Letting sand slip up and down, Weathering away like any rock To a primal force of nature And you are, the lesson You learnt too late, the shadow Of your collective fate, To make something count, In anterograde transport, Just to nourish individual … Continue reading Regret

First Time

A blend of dance And song Bridged in anatomy. Hide and seek And foreplay Become dyslexic charades In that giant step of discovery You realize That Montessori, is When you learn, That every toy In your playful hand, Is to be used and misused. And London Bridge Was always supposed To break And fall down … Continue reading First Time

Noisy Creatures

There is more dolphin, in our love making, More snout, fin-palms and rising from the tail, More happy noises, than what a child makes, with,  Fist pumps, and sloppy drooling sounds From her tiny little mouth. So in a A short symphonic piece I stood, knowing what I felt Could only be explained by feuding … Continue reading Noisy Creatures