Gay Topology

The ocean billows over vast tectonic plates,
While the cliffs carve out meeting the ocean.
There are valleys looking up mountain tops,
And monoliths empowering the scenery.
And there too, are lovers, blanket like
A plateau, covering a land comprising two peaks,
Both locked into a fusing plain, as if they
Had collided over and over, just because they could.
And they wait, for the earth, to quake once again
To move an inch towards the other,
Past that line forming an unmapped boundary,
When they lose their own geometries,
To be spatially transformed, away from their,
Own morphotypes, succumbing into
A show of vast movement, when contact
Is just a nudge, a peck, a pulverization
And everything else, arrange themselves,
To the continuity of a truth that the body professes,
As a homeomorphism, which when expressed,
Turns to a composite of beautiful symmetry.

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