Bird Kura Hen Corydalis Black Chicken Prejudices

I’m not here to secretly pass myself
As an economy. I’m just a loose canon
Who ignites on real issues, like how
In this design of omnivorous, we eat
Everything thrown at us – which should really change,
After all, everything is not hunky dory.
Still chicken liver has arsenic, kan kun has got
Cadmium and so forth. We are just
A cancer or a toxicity away from,
Being brought down by the very food we eat.
All we have at our disposal, is the
Notoriety of our indulgent food habits
That scream “toxins”. Still we
Possess portly systems that scavenge
Omni-diets, that detonate on
Little taste buds on pink tongues,
While gathering away in the human liver,
Where they become, everything
Else but “liver”-prone, demonstrating
The parsimony of a miserly death,
Only slower to alcohol.

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