Unicorn Autumn


Like the first flower, so delicate
So honest, on a meadow of green grass,
Like a dandelion, that has no purpose in being loud
Only being yellow as she meant to be,
As tall as your truth can hover,
Taller than any church, pagoda or minaret,
Defining what we extract at will,
Was now in danger.

You were so right Rachel !……….

We are just little machines of take and take,
Apathy springing from our tongues
And our fingertips, while your silent spring, absorbs together
A common ingredient to save us from this Armageddon.
What else but empathy to rule this dominion
Of anthropogenic pollution, of our collective greed.
And if you listen, you can hear the sounds,
Made by birds, animals and plants,
All defined by Linnaeus and by death,
Mastering the skill of mere survival,
While we humans, pollute webs
Defined by binomial nomenclatures.

And we look down from a pedestal, from that vantage
Point of our merciless brains,
Defining who lives and who doesn’t,
Like the Northern White Rhino in Africa, who has no clue
That every keratin follicle of that horn of his,
Is worth more than carats. As these unicorn siblings
Battle the extinction game, holding
A horn of hair, visibly on top, hearing God
Like a certain Mr Trump,
Shout “You’re Fired”.

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