Sleep Sheets Bed Sex Feet Erotism In Love Toes
Sleep Sheets Bed Sex Feet Erotism In Love Toes

I’m learning that you cannot rely on most people
Who appear on your facebook wall.
[I have 1029 Facebook friends in total]
They are there, only for the good times,
And empty themselves during the bad.

And I lie here, paralyzed in heart
At how cruel people can be, in deed and vocabulary,
And still I realize even more, that,
This is what blood conceived,
And fate embellished

And people, they wander far and wide
To see the world we are so curious about,
Like I did, to Melbourne,
And now, that hollow chamber of mine
Looks at all possibilities, to realize
That only one aphorism holds true.
– What makes us truly happy
Is how near we have travelled in our journeys –

Almost as if, our ambience shapes us.
Of what purchase we have on our surroundings,
To make us true, as the warmth,
We feed ourselves, in strange customs.
Parents you grow out of, but never outgrow,
And the wife, that grows on you,
And the fertilizer, they both sprinkle on you,
Just to remind you to stay near;

And grow, just grow.

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