Love 7

In that battle between two invisible hands,
I stood, one blowing through a few inches below
The navel; too rapid, too careless, 
For me to let myself go and so I let the other invisible hand,
Guide me, preserving my senses in the long run,
Holding my heart inside a jewel box,
Which inevitably multiplied in worth
To where I stood, staring at a moment of transcendence,
When it was just a woman’s touch
That could lift me beyond. Transcendence
Was offering myself to a flesh, nothing like mine,
Meeting halfway, on ledges and then
Inside caverns. The moment I reached a place,
The farthest I’ll ever be in freedom’s embrace,
Which can only regress now, from a prize to a commodity.
It was like the day I took my safety wheels off,
To ride my bicycle forward. From that moment on,
Riding the bike, never seemed like riding a BMX,
Only something casual, like that thing, SEX.
Then a truth hit me. I was in love with
What I had kindled and couldn’t have anymore.
I didn’t jump onto bed, I attest that as my defense,
And still that boy, who carried Romeo’s heart, and let
Juliet transcend his own trappings,
Learnt that first spring, is when,
You have no clue, where you will terminate,
When you will pause and rewind back.
Just ask any slave, what the first day
Of freedom is like; and he will tell you
That’s when there are no shackles on his wrists and ankles,
And no feel of iron anywhere.
And just like that slave, you will only
Remember the first time – That day Romeo learnt
To balance his BMX, when it was still a thrilling BMX,
Inside a room with a balcony,
Somewhere in Verona,
When the Roman killed Romeo.

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