Sleep Sheets Bed Sex Feet Erotism In Love Toes
Sleep Sheets Bed Sex Feet Erotism In Love Toes

Through that great divide
Of balloon woman and boundless space
He climbs out through a plug
And a canal, to become
A focal point of appreciated love,
That in earnest,
Is just scissor’s cut away,
From independence,
When he will learn how to,
Squeeze out a little fluid,
From a wonderland of its own,
And learn to shoot, feet and hands,
That like typical offshoots
Probe their way into
Meaningful chemistries
Of what it is to be feeble
To the bone, and still
Be strong enough to conquer the floor,
While being felt by touch,
Gripped by one’s lust for life,
To never surrender, to anything
That rests beyond you,
Only beneath.

Only you will know your summon,
Your call to be the babe,
That traverses every degree
Of anatomical possibilities
And makes them,
Just random occurrences
Of free-movement,
Of passivity,
Of what will acclimatize
You to your own flesh,
When you will learn that,
You are just a weakling who will,
Outgrow your defenses,
And learn the strange
Art of life, in that borrowed
Suit you call your body,
And that bouncing creature
Inside the rib cage,
That will be your keeper,
Of what is worth spending
In careless wanderings,
And foolish prognoses.

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