Someone Close

Sometimes you do not say enough, Yet do enough to show me you love me. The quiet girl, who lets me unzip her dress more than she lets me unzip her mouth For birds to fly out. Sometimes, robins emerge, As red as their breasts, like in dirty talk, sometimes you’re as blue As kingfishers, … Continue reading Someone Close


Through that great divide Of balloon woman and boundless space He climbs out through a plug And a canal, to become A focal point of appreciated love, That in earnest, Is just scissor’s cut away, From independence, When he will learn how to, Squeeze out a little fluid, From a wonderland of its own, And … Continue reading Life


In that battle between two invisible hands, I stood, one blowing through a few inches below The navel; too rapid, too careless,  For me to let myself go and so I let the other invisible hand, Guide me, preserving my senses in the long run, Holding my heart inside a jewel box, Which inevitably multiplied … Continue reading Romeo