Nomenclature of Goodness

Friendship 2

Do you ravage what is surprisingly left
Out of your dignity, like blowing out the last leaves of autumn,
And then you think, what is it, that makes me, me.
The fact that you haven’t done any charity for 10 years,
Or you taking pleasure in everyone else’s grief.
And there is a humpback whale
In your CONSCIENCE, singing her whale song
Offering herself to those less fortunate than you,
And you denying her of any life.
And DIGNITY is not your a-la-mode style
Your funk, your panache or your joie-de-vivre
Those are all hedonistic helpers
To your wasteful life. EMPATHY is you
Putting on someone’s cap – or shoes –
And working the magic of understanding the other,
Of what made him, so catastrophically lean in times.
EMPATHY is no arm-chair lesson.
It is your organs – like the heart and mind –
Taking time to understand inbred pain of another,
And delving why that was so. There is a solution
To every situation. You can save the plight of an elephant
Fallen inside a well, if you only try.
Try is the executor of EMPATHY. It is no forgone conclusion.
It is paying forward, with no ambition,
Of rewinding it back. LOVE is the
Only pure science in this world, that settles
On another, with no personal gain.
DIGNITY is knowing there is no personal gain,
And being completely accepting of that.
And INTEGRITY, what else but,
A long history of DIGNITY, in the past tense.  

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