I burrowed underneath the bed sheet, To the warmness of what it is like, To push downwards, some warm air, The days this used to be a furnace Gone, just like the sultry summer, And the memory of you and me, Careless with our tongues and lips, Like a wriggly sea creature coming Out of … Continue reading Past-Tense

Brown Skin

Every Indian girl’s dream, As in those tapestries of white lace, You have little skin-rungs,  That help you escape from a brown fortress, A caste of little people, who Are taught that tan is just a curse at best, An immortal dungeon of birth. But then, just take a look, at the dark skin of … Continue reading Brown Skin

Decoding White

How could you decode The white skin, the grotesque minimalism Of color, the haunting spaces, Hidden in slaving years, In gardens of a white supremist god. The seed of the white Aryan Drowns inside bamboo yellow crevices, As they fill naval bases in the Philippines. While the black man further Dilutes the basins of milky … Continue reading Decoding White

The Black Man in White Shorts

I’m just a black man in southern Georgia As dark as the Coca Cola bottle Or as the corvids ruling a wasteland I’m a contrast on my own right that few ever understand Like the white shorts I’m wearing right now. I’m black power, the zealot in me shouts A livid doppelganger of me next … Continue reading The Black Man in White Shorts