A Sonnet (To My Enemy)


We are but sharp talons in each other throat,
Of sonnets that counter-resist, catamarans still afloat
I’m just a poet who met you down your journeyed road
Where my eyes found thee, in a promenade’s abode

Kill me, not with toxic words that sting,
Like the scorpion in thee, like that merciless thing,
In you, there rests, your way, as against, that of mine
I’m a home schooled fellow, not a MA in my line

I’m just a natural trickle against your tidal wave
Like a hermit crab or a hatched turtle that simply won’t cave
You and me, we are worth, a duet of dueling verse
How beautiful, if over a coffee, we could ever converse

No pretense in me, I’m partial to the idea of thee
To wave the white flag, to tussle, to détente’s decree.

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